About Nathan Hale

My Story

I grew up Benin, West Africa as the child of Southern Baptist missionaries. I grew up in a Christian culture that valued the Bible, enthusiastic worship, powerful manifestations of God’s presence, and unity in diversity.

When I came back to the USA I hit a wall spiritually. I become discontent with the over-individualistic, self-serving, entertainment-driven faith I had appropriated from popular Evangelical culture.

I found answers by returning to my African roots and the wisdom of the ancient church. Slowly, I began to discover a way forward through study, self-discipline and contemplation.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I want you to be able to learn from them. I want to help you move closer to Christ, and help you teach others how to cultivate a heart that desires Jesus more than anything.

I want to help you find true joy.

My Beliefs

I am an Anglican Christian, but this is not an Anglican blog per se. I give you resources that will help your grow in your Christian faith regardless of what tradition you come from.


In addition to my work on this site, I lead musical worship for Desert Mission Anglican Church and oversee the small-group Bible study program at Grand Canyon University. I also make simple, vocally-driven acoustic music with my wife Amber and maintain a site for those looking to learn about about what it means to be an Anglican Christian.

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