About Colleen Batchelder

I accepted Christ as my Savior and Lord when I was three, and was called to share Christ all over the world at the age of fourteen. I prepared by going to Calvary Chapel Bible College for my BA in Biblical Studies and then Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary for my MAR.

Last March I was diagnosed with Sinotubular Effacement of the Aortic Root, a life-altering diagnosis that placed me at risk for Aortic Aneurysms. John Ritter died of the same disease. The median lifespan is 45. I had recently been accepted to a second masters and was going towards a doctorate, but I realized that I wanted to leave a legacy, not a thesis. If God had called me to travel and speak, then I was going to step out and trust Him. I knew then that if God gave me two years, four years, or fifty, that I wasn’t going to live with regrets.

It is my hope to see men and women understand their calling and their purpose in Christ. My philosophy is: “Christ did not only save you from something; He saved you for something.” My speaking topics focus on helping those around me find their identity in Christ and equipping them with the tools to accomplish that “something” with confidence.

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